Veronicas Nightlife

I would guess that every young person visiting Tenerife has heard of Veronicas Strip and intends to spend a bit of time down there. The Veronicas is a 200 metre stretch with Night clubs and Pubs along the strip. Most will have heard of Bobby’s and Busbys and may have seen them on television - remember Tenerife Uncovered. After 9pm young families should really stay away unless they want to see and hear things that may offend them. If you look at Veronicas in daylight you will see that it is really a very ordinary street with nothing special to show you what it really is, in fact it looks rather dingy. It is only when night time comes that it comes alive and really it is the youngsters that give the place atmosphere. The Bars stay open until around 5am and its the all night drinking, dancing and just having a very wild time that what the Veronicas Strip is all about. Single men and girls just doing what single people do - having a good time ! However a word of warning do not go there alone, if you do you are a target for mugging wand violence which happens on a regular basis. There are people who target the drunks and mug them because quite frankly they are an easy target when they have had a few drinks.


Veronicas in Daylight how it used to be


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