Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is around a 20 minute Taxi Ride from the Airport Reina Sofia although if you are on holiday with a tour operator dropping off at various hotels and apartments it could take you up to 2 hours if you are the last drop off. Playa de las Americas is probably the most popular large resort on Tenerife with plenty to keep everyone occupied young and old.

For the younger visitors to the resort we have the well known area that everybody has heard of Veronicas as well as plenty of Bars and entertainment elsewhere in the resort. Playa de las Americas has almost joined Los Cristianos to the south so cannot expand further south and you will find that it is gradually expanding to the north. The advantage of having an area like Veronicas in the resort is that you will find most of the younger generation there from late at night to the early hours of the morning so leaving the rest of the resort for families and the older generation.

Playa de las Americas can be quite tiring to walk around especially if your accommodation is close to the Motorway TF-1. It is a pleasant walk down the hill but the walk back can be quite exhausting however you will find that the Taxis are plentiful and very reasonably priced. You will find an excellent walkway “The Geranium Walk” that stretches the full length of Playa de las Americas all the way to Los Cristianos, this is excellent for an evenings walk browsing through the many shops along the way, calling in for a drink at the many bars and restaurants and perhaps stopping for a meal. Because the walk stretches for many miles you may want to try a section at a time.

As with many resorts you will find that the staff stand outside their restaurants and try to entice you in but they are very friendly and are not pushy at all.

The Market is open on Saturdays and Thursdays and sells all sorts of goods, you can understand how a sardine feels in a tin walking round the market as it can be so busy. You will of course find many things to entertain you in the resort but one attraction that you may want to visit would be the Octopus Water Park, that will keep you busy for a full day and there is also a Dolphin show included.

Shopping centre’s in the resort are excellent though beware the many electrical shops selling cheap video cameras and the like, some are reputable some are not so use your own judgment. There is a good shopping centre at San Eugenio and an excellent underground one underneath Parque Santiago III. In the same area you will find The Safari Centre which is a very upmarket shopping centre with many designer stores. There is also in the centre large fountains which play to music in the evenings. If you fancy a trip in a horse drawn carriage you will find some traveling up and down the road outside the Safari Centre.

Now is the time to buy property in Playa de las Americas as you will find that property prices are down and there is an abundant supply of bargain properties.


Playa de las Americas
Playa de las Americas


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