Living in Tenerife


Moving to a new country is going to be very stressful and needs to be planned for. There are many reasons to move to Tenerife whether it is the weather, cost of living, a different work and life routine or just a new start. In the months prior to your move you obviously have to sell your house (unless of course you intend to keep a house in the UK and not live permanently in Tenerife). Over the years you will have accumulated a lot of “clutter” which needs to be disposed of. In the months before your move you will need to decide what to keep and what to take with you, don’t forget that everything you take will cost you in removal and storage costs and many items can be replaced in Tenerife. Its a good idea to start de cluttering your house before you put it on the market in that way your house will look tidier for the potential purchasers. You can sell unwanted items at car boots and send things to the auction or just give some items away.

Depending on what you intend to take with you for example your car you will have to decide how you are actually going to get to Tenerife, you will find information on this page Travel To Tenerife No doubt you will have been to Tenerife on a number of occasions and you will have an idea of the area you want to live in. Many people rent a property for 3 to 6 months before they buy a property, that gives them time to look around at properties and truly decide whether the move is for them. There are a number of companies in Tenerife offering long term rental.

Jobs are not easy to come by in Tenerife and there is high unemployment, if you do not speak Spanish you will have problems finding employment. You could be restricted to Bar and Cafe work, PR work, Timeshare etc. not well paid jobs. Research the market and buy a business in Tenerife or start in self employment.

Before you move you must be aware that living in Tenerife is a more laid back lifestyle, nothing happens today it is all tomorrow and you can’t expect to get such things as a phone line straight away it all takes time. We have added a page of web sites that may help you in Tenerife such as the Tax office, Telephone companies where you can find out essential information Useful Websites in Tenerife

You will find further pages relating to living and moving to Tenerife and we will be adding more shortly.

One final thing to remember about moving to Tenerife, if you want to make a fortune you had better take it with you.


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